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Quality Inspection Process

Engineer recheck

Review of appearance inspection process

Refer to quality control database, check vendor label / logo, code identification.

Bar code scanning detection

Check the factory lot number (LotNo.), production date, wafer / seal with the factory.

Loading corresponding production area

Simple electrical performance test

01 02 03

Appearance detection

We will perform visual inspection and make detailed inspection records for all warehouses.

Manufacturer, Manufacturer's Material Number, Quantity, Production Date and Environmental Standards Inspect Outer Packaging Inspection, Packaging Completeness/Completeness, Packaging Material Compliance with the Corresponding MSL Standards

Screen printing (Marking) inspection, consistency check, check the original specification and documentation.

Material appearance inspection, dust condition, Pin foot deformation, Pin foot oxidation indication.

Quality test

All goods that fail to be identified during the reinspection process will enter the quality.

Test process

Weldability test

D-CAP analysis

Anatomic analysis

Electrical performance conformance test

Original test analysis report

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